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Honolulu Small Business Marketing- What Can You Do?

So you’ve opened a new Honolulu small business what can you do to get  some buzz going?  How can you best market your small business?  A lot of the traditional ways of marketing are outdated, overpriced and just not practical for a small business.  Newspaper ads or “Dining Out” features, cost big bucks.  Yellow pages? Well how many different kind of telephone books are there?  Do you use the yellow pages?  A small business like a new beauty salon in Aina Haina, can’t afford TV commercials.  Small business options have to be cost effective as well as geared to the size of the business.  What good is it to spend thousands on a TV commercial and then have 200 hungry, disappointed people outside your 50 seat restaurant.

Here are five things a small business can do:

  1. Website.

    An Internet website can be designed and optimized for local search for a relatively small business expense.  In fact even a small business can have several sites that may link back to the main site.  You could have a goofy site for younger patrons, or a senior site with knitting or Tai Chi classes and senior discounts. The nature of the Internet dictates that your site be concise and attention grabbing, like a 30 second commercial,  not a 3 hour feature film.  For local business, you don’t  have to kill yourself trying to rank #1 in google.  Sure there are a lot of little things you can do on page to SEO optimize your site.  But for a small business you don’t need thousands of backlinks, or to spend hours on article marketing.  Even if you don’t get much traffic to your site, nowadays people expect you to have a site.  You can have an attractive, fun, informative site that gives people a favorable impression of your business for a very small cost.  Emphasize people having fun or enjoying the benefits of your services.  We all know small restaurants, flower shops, or maybe even pet stores that may not have the greatest decor and the actual product that they sell really isn’t much better than most, but the owners just make it an enjoyable experience to go there.

  2. Mobile Website

    A mobile website is a mobile optimized version of your regular website.  Mobile web use and websearch is exploding in popularity!  You see people surfing the web, checking and sending emails. checking google maps for directions and much more on mobile phones all the time.  Mobile phones have improved drastically in the last year, new smartphones have more memory than most laptops had just a few years ago.  But a mobile phone still has to fit in your pocket or purse, with the small screen regular websites are not user friendly.  Mobile websites are formatted to  be viewed and used by a mobile viewer so they can get essential information easily and quickly.

  3. Facebook Page.

    Facebook is huge.  Millions of people go there everyday, several times a day.  Facebook is also still evolving.  A company facebook page  is like an additional web page and a Facebook Page doesn’t cost anything to post on the web.  It can be beneficial to have someone help you with tweaking and designing your Facebook page, there a lot of profit generating things that can be applied to Facebook pages.

  4. Video.

    Video technology and the explosive growth of video sharing sites like Youtube make video marketing a great option for small business marketing.  Videos can easily be made depicting people having fun enjoying the benefits of your business.  They don’t have to be uber perfect, think of how crazy popular low budget movies like, “The Blair Witch Project” or “Paranormal” have been.  Or even one minute videos of toddlers dancing.  Inexpensive Youtube videos can be repurposed and used on your website.  Again, they don’t have to be a huge success because they are so inexpensive to make and post on the web.  You could have a small chiropractic office or surfboard shop, where maybe a friend of a friend is visiting Honolulu.  You could just tell them, “hey check out our  Youtube video.”  It  can even be just a slide show with captions and music.

  5. Text Message Marketing.

    It sounds complex but actually its really simple.  It is just sending text  messages to a list of customers on their mobile phones.  You first get people to opt in to your text list giving you permission to send them messages which can be updates, sales, special discounts for your customers on the list.  There are software programs available where you can designate a certain “secret code word” that if texted to a certain number will sign up the caller to your text list and record the numbers to a list so you can text them all later.  You can have fliers that say,”text ALOHA to 88888 and we’ll send you a 20% discount coupon code.”  The program can be set to auto respond and send out text messages for you.

Modern technology and innovation has “levelled the playing field” for small business offering them exciting avenues to promote their business.


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